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   Air Freight Operation Case
Air Freight Operation Case
Service Feature:
Provide customer port to port and door to door air service from Shanghai to Major cities in China wide and world wide.
Service Industry:
Electronic, Garments, Retail; Uniform; Courier;
Shoo Away Brand Customer
The manufacture is in China and target customers for sale is overseas. Manufacture delivers finished Shoo Away product into our general warehouse; According to customers sales order on e-commerce, SCLI picked and packed, and labeled, and palletized; then air to overseas; overseas Post handles destination customer clearance and delivery.
Volume per week is 1,000 pcs.
1. Product picked and packed for each e-commerce order.


2. order carton is labeled, and palletized, then transport to airport warehouse.


3.load the cargo to dedicated flight terminal.
4.overseas custom clearance and delivery by Post.


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