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    Sai Cheng’s Participation in Taobao Global/Australia Post B2B Offline Event
2017/3/22  Clicks:60  
Sai Cheng’s Participation in Taobao Global/Australia Post B2B Offline Event
On 9th March, 2017, Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Sai Cheng Logistics International”) was invited to attend the Australia Post New Brands B2B Offline Event, which was jointly organized by Australia Post and Taobao Global.
Prior to the event, representatives from Sai Cheng supply chain department, Hu Anqi and Feng Minghui, have worked closely with Australia Post personnel to fall every detail to reality, which had laid a solid foundation for the successes of the event.
Ten volunteers from Sai Cheng have gathered at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan early in the morning with full vigor. They wore unified lanyards and offered services of guiding visitors, maintaining order and promoting brands, etc. Sai Cheng has set up a booth to facilitate the one-to-one consultation from visitors so that they could have deeper and better understanding of our professional services in supply chain logistics.
(Booth of Sai Cheng Logistics International: Patents, Awards and Brochures.)
(Roll up Banner and Company Introduction Presentation)
(Warmly introducing Sai Cheng products and services to impress exhibitors with Sai Cheng’s value and service features)
During the event, one of Sai Cheng’s directors of the board, Steven Foo delivered the opening speech and made an introduction of Sai Cheng Logistics International. Business representatives from Sai Cheng all actively communicated with brands delegates, expecting to cooperate with them in more open and various ways and meet logistics needs in terms of warehousing, transportation, and cross-border e-commerce solutions for overseas merchants.
(Steven Foo(left)delivering opening speech)
(Steven Foo(middle) with Tim Brown(left) and Chen Qi (right) from Australia Post)
Through the volunteer activities, Sai Cheng team has demonstrated not only professional knowledge but also a good character of helping people and developed their abilities in organizing, coordinating and communicating, which will be good for offering more professional and comprehensive hassle-free services for customers in the future work.
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